Make Your Conservatory Cooler in the Summer

Once the mild weather of spring is past and the sun becomes hotter and more directly overhead, the heat build up inside a conservatory with glass or polycarbonate roofing becomes a major issue.

The high density insulation in the unique lightweight roofing panels prevent the direct sunlight from raising the temperature in your conservatory / sun-lounge to the point when it becomes unbearable.

Also, by reducing the direct sunlight through the roof, and without the need for expensive roof blinds, the unpleasant glare is massively reduced.

The overall result is a conservatory / sun-lounge that is a pleasure to use during the months you most likely want to be closer to your garden and when you will be able to enjoy the ‘outside’ for longer hours.

You will be using your conservatory in all the ways you probably dreamed about when you originally had it built.