Insulated Conservatory Roofing Customer Comments

The most important thing to us is that the replacement conservatory roofing system does exactly what it is designed for, and that is evident through our customer comments.

End of last year we had thermotec roofing for our conservatory installed, from start to finish we have received excellent service. The roof has made a huge difference to our use of the conservatory, during the very bad winter we used the conservatory daily, the room is much warmer and the house in general has been warmer. as well as cold it also cuts out noise. Now the weather has improved and we have had a few hot days the roof keeps the conservatory a lot cooler. We really have gained an extra room instead of the occasional use conservatory, a great investment. Would highly recommend this product and the installers.

Mr & Mrs McKnight, Lincolnshire

May we say thank you for the excellent service your company gave on fitting the new thermotec roof to our conservatory. it was fitted in january and the difference was immediately felt. With only a small radiator in a app. 14ft.+ 14ft conservatory the temperature reached a comfortable 72 deg. in the winter. and in this hot weather max. 80 deg. were as before it would reach over 100.deg. With the doors and windows open . we have now got a conservatory we can use all year round. Thanks again for the workmanship of your company.

Mr & Mrs Wills – Horncastle, Lincolnshire

First of all I must stress how pleased we are with the Thermotec roofing system which was installed skilfully a short time ago. It has created a “new” and liveable space for us for the first time in twenty years.

As winter was approaching I found a website offering insulated conservatory roofing (Thermotec), this company simply remove the glazing and install specially made insulated panels into my existing roof. This system is absolutely brilliant!