Insulated Conservatory Roof Manufacture

Thermotec insulated roof panels are light and can be installed into most existing conservatory structures.

The existing glazing panels are measured and angles taken for any shaped panels.

Every Thermotec panel is made bespoke for each of the existing roof shapes.

The Thermotec panels are manufactured from 2mm sheet aluminium.

Each corner is cut and pressed to form the edge step (this edge step is made to fit into the existing rafter).

When all the corners have been cut and pressed they are then welded to form a “tray”.

The tray and another flat sheet of aluminium (which will form the inside of the panel) are then polyester powder coated to the chosen colours.

The tray and inside sheet is then sandwiched either side of the high density insulating foam to form a lightweight rigid panel.

Thermotec panels can be made to any depth and do not compromise any lead flashings or watertight integrity of the existing roof.

In order for the stepped panels to fit under ridge capping the most common depth of Thermotec panels is 75mm and at this depth is equivalent to over 300mm of glass fibre loft insulation.

Installing Thermotec panels will save energy and reduce bills.

Polycarbonate roofs tend to be noisy when it rains.  Thermotec is much quieter than glass.

Thermotec roof panels not only turn your conservatory into a well insulated room that can be used all year round but add a stunning contemporary look to a traditional conservatory.

Thermotec panels are guaranteed for 10 years.