Insulation Explained

To understand how a Themotec conservatory roof improves the energy efficiency and overall enjoyment of your conservatory, here is an explanation of how installation and thermal efficiency is calculated.


A “u value” is a measurement of heat loss, Expressed as W/m2k

W = heat loss in watts.

m2 = square metre of material (E G glass, polycarbonate or wall.)

k = outside temperature which is one degree lower.

The lower the u value the better the insulation.

For example a straw bale wall would have an exellent u value of 0.13Wm2k (zero point one three) and an old type solid 225mm (9”) wall would have a u value of 2.0 Wm2k (a full two)

That’s 1.87 higher that the straw wall.

The u value of 16mm polycarbonate is 2.4Wm2k

The u value of old double glazing would be about 2.0Wmk2 (the same as the old solid wall)

At this time Building regulations for glazing require a u value of 1.6Wm2k

THERMOTEC  PANELS  at 75mm depth have a u value of 0.29Wm2k

That’s 2.11 Lower than 16mm polycarbonate