Options for a Better Conservatory

Thermotec insulated conservatory roofing is the perfect solution for almost any type of conservatory, but what are the alternatives. Here is a quick look at some of the solutions that are currently available.

A tiled insulated roof would probably be the best option but nearly all conservatory frames and footings are unable to take the extra weight.

The drastic option would be to rebuild the whole thing including the footings.

Another option is to have a ceiling installed BUT BEWARE! There are several companies around that offer in this work. They install a ceiling which involves fixing timber batons to the existing rafters,

Some insulation is fitted between the rafters, plasterboard is then fixed to the timber and the ceiling skimmed with plaster and lastly the ceiling is decorated. But there could be various problems afterwards,

CONDENSATION can form above the insulation on the inside of the original glazing.

PLASTERBOARD IS HEAVY and could cause structural problems with the roof and frames.

WHAT IF THE ROOF SHOULD LEAK anytime in the future caused by the extra weight or brittle polycarbonate the ceiling would be ruined.